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Hello, my name is Dave Poon. I am a designer working and living in Sydney. I design UIs and write codes. Co-founder of Erlango and Co-founder of GradHired.

About me

Dave Poon is a designer working and living in Sydney, Australia. Originally from Hong Kong. He calls himself as a designer as it is a nice umbrella term for the user interface design / user experience design / web design / graphic design / print design / brand design / illustration that he does.

He started freelancing since high school, he had an experience in print design, he knows how to manipulate AGFA Imagesetters, Heidelberg offset printers and Xerox commercial digital printers if you still know what are Imagesetters and offset printers.

In the early days, he joined a publishing company and a number of digital agencies, he designed and developed dozens of PHP and Drupal web applications with clients small and large, including websites for Honda and AMP.

In 2012, he wrote a book about Drupal, he became an active technical reviewer for several book titles since then, such as Advanced Express Web Application Development, Mastering Web Application Development with Express and LESS Web Development Cookbook.

He joined Suncorp in 2011, one of the largest bank and insurance companies in Australia. At Suncorp, he worked on numerous projects for many brands including AAMI, GIO, Suncorp Group and Suncorp Bank.

More recently, he co-founded GradHired, GradHired is the largest internship and entry-level jobs marketplace dedicated entirely to students, new grads and PhD students. He also founded Erlango, a digital product design studio based in Sydney and Hong Kong.

About the site

This site is an outlet for my design, development and entrepreneurship related thoughts and ramblings.

This site is:

If you have any questions, or you’d like me to advise on your project, welcome to ask me on Twitter, or feel free to get in touch via email.